Swetnam the Woman Hater – Epilogue


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Enter SWETNAM, muzzled, hal’d in by Women.

Why do you hale me thus? Is’t not enough,
I have withstood a trial? Been arraigned?
Endured the torture of sharp-pointed needles?
The whip? And old wives nails? But I must stand
To have another jury pass on me?

It was a general wrong; therefore must have
A general trial and a judgement too.

The greatest wrong was mine; he sought my life;
Which fact I freely pardon to approve
Women are neither tyrannous, nor cruel
Though you report us so.

I now repent,
And thus to you, kind judges, I appeal.
Methinks I see no anger in your eyes.
Mercy and beauty best do sympathize,
And here forever I put off this shape,
And with it all my spleen and malice too,
And vow to let no time or act escape,
In which my service may be shown to you.
And this my hand, which did my shame commence,
Shall with my sword be us’d in your defence.

F I N I S.

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