Swetnam the Woman Hater – Prologue

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The women are all welcome; for the men,
They will be welcome; our care’s not for them.
‘Tis we, poor women, that must stand the brunt
Of this day’s trial. We are all accused.
How we shall clear ourselves, there lies the doubt.
The men, I know, will laugh when they shall hear
Us rail’d at, and abused, and say, “’Tis well,
We all deserve as much. Let ‘em laugh on,
Lend but your kind assistance; you shall see
We will not be o’ercome with infamy,
And slanders that we never merited.
Be but you patient, I dare boldly say,
If every woman pleased, we’ll please today.
Vouchsafe to read, I dare presume to say,
Ye shall be pleased, and think ‘tis a good play.                                     [Exit LORETTA.

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