Swetnam the Woman Hater – Dumb Show and Song after IV,ii


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A dumb show.

Enter two Mourners, ATLANTA with the axe, LEONIDA all in white, her hair loose, hung with ribbons; supported on either side by two Ladies; AURELIA following as chief mourner. Pass softly over the stage.

A Song in parts

Whilst we sing the doleful knell
Of this princess passing-bell,
Let the woods and valleys ring
Echoes to our sorrowing;
And the tenor of their song,
Be ding, dong, ding, dong, dong
            Ding, dong, dong,
                        Ding, dong.

Nature now shall boast no more
Of the riches of her store,
Since in this her chiefest prize,
All the stock of beauty dies;
Then, what cruel heart can long
Forbear to sing this sad ding dong?
            This sad ding dong,
                        Ding dong.

Fauns and silvans of the woods,
Nymphs that haunt the crystal floods,
Savage beasts more milder then
The unrelenting hearts of men,
Be partakers of our moan,
And with us ding ding dong, ding dong,
            Ding dong, dong
                        Ding dong.                                                                                                    [Exeunt.

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