The Witch of Edmonton – Prologue

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The whole argument is this distich.

Forc’d marriage, murder; murder, blood requires;
Reproach, revenge; revenge, hell’s help desires.


The town of Edmonton hath lent the stage
A Devil and a witch, both in an age.
To make comparisons, it were uncivil,
Between so even a pair, a witch and devil.
But as the year doth with his plenty bring
As well a latter as a former spring,
So has this witch enjoy’d the first and reason,
Presumes she may partake the other season.
In acts deserving name, the proverb says,
Once good, and ever; why not so in plays?
Why not in this?  Since, gentlemen, we flatter
No expectations; here is mirth and matter.                                  [MASTER BIRD.

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