Lusts’s Dominion – Act Three, Scene Four

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Zarack and Baltazar, are they dispatch’d?

We saw ‘em sprawl and turn up the white of the eye.

So shall they perish that lay countermines
To cross out high designments.  By their habits,
The Cardinal and Philip scap’d our nets.
And by your hands they tasted our revenge.


Here comes the queen. Away! Under our wings,
You shall stand safe, and brave the proudest kings.


Oh, fly, my Eleazar, save thy life.
Else point a guard about thee.  The mad people
Tempestuous like the sea, run up and down,
Some crying, “Kill the bastard,” some “the Moor,”
Some cry, “God save King Philip” and some cry,
“God save the Moor,” some others, “He shall die!”

Are these your fears?  Thus blow them into air.
I rush’d amongst the thickest of their crowds,
And with a countenance majestical,
Like the imperious sun, dispers’d their clouds.
I have perfum’d the rankness of their breath,
And by the magic of true eloquence,
Transform’d this many-headed Cerberus,
This pir’d chameleon, this beast multitude,
Whose power consists in number, pride in threats,
Yet melt like snow when majesty shines forth.
This heap of fools, who crowding in huge swarms,
Stood at our court gates like a heap of dung,
Reeking and shouting out contagious breath
Of power to poison all the elements.
This wolf I held by’th’ears, and made him tame,
And made him tremble at the Moor’s great name.
No, we must combat with a grimmer foe;
That damn’d Mendoza overturns our hopes.
He loves you dearly.

By his secret letters,
He hath entreated me in some disguise
To leave the court, and fly into his arms.

The world cannot devise a stratagem
Sooner to throw confusion on his pride.
Subscribe to his desires, and in dead night
Steal to his castle, swear to him his love
Hath drawn you thither; undermine his soul,
And learn what villainies are there laid up;
Then for your pleasure walk to take the air.
Near to the castle I’ll in ambush lie,
And seem by force to take you prisoner.
This done, I have a practise plotted here,
Shall rid him of his life, and us of fear.
About it, madam.  This is all in all.
We cannot stand unless Mendoza fall.                                        [Exeunt.

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