Lust’s Dominion – Act Three, Scene One

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Enter QUEEN MOTHER with a torch, solus.

Fair eldest child of love, thou spotless night,
Empress of silence, and the queen of sleep,
Who with thy black cheek’s pure complexion,
Mak’st lovers’ eyes enamour’d of thy beauty,
Thou art like my Moor, therefore I will adore thee
For lending me this opportunity.
Oh, with the soft-skinn’d negro, heavens keep back
The saucy staring day from the world’s eye,
Until my Eleazar make return.
Then in his castle shall he find his wife,
Transform’d into a strumpet by my son;
Then shall he hate her whom he would not kill!
Then shall I kill her whom I cannot love!
The king is sporting with his concubine.
Blush not, my boy, be bold like me thy mother,
But their delights torture my soul like devils,
Except her shame be seen.  Wherefore awake,
Christophero, Verdugo, raise the court.
Arise you peers of Spain; Alvero rise,
Preserve your country from base infamies.

Enter severally at several doors, with lights and rapiers drawn, ALVERO, RODERIGO, VERDUGO, and CRISTOPHERO, with Others.

Who rais’d these exclamations through the court?

Sheath up your swords, you need not swords, but eyes
To intercept this treason.

What’s the treason?
Who are traitors?  Ring the ‘larum bell;
Cry arm through all the city.  Once before
The horrid sound of treason did affright
Our sleeping spirts.

You need not cry arm, arm, for this black deed
Works treason to your king, to me, to you,
To Spain, and all that shall in Spain ensue.
This night, Maria, Eleazar’s wife,
Hath drawn the king by her lascivious looks
Privately to a banquet.  I unseen,
Stood and beheld him in her lustful arms.
Oh God!  Shall bastards wear Spain’s diadem?
If you can kneel to baseness, vex them not.
If you disdain to kneel, wash of this blot.

Let’s break into the chamber and surprise her!

Oh miserable me!  Do, do, break in!
My country shall not blush at my child’s sin.

Deay is nurse to danger.  Follow me.
Come you and witness to her villainy.

Hapless Alvero, how art thou undone,
In a light daughter, and a stubborn son!                                         [Exeunt. 

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