Match Me in London – Act Five, Scene Four

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Dost thou tell me of thy proclamations that I am banish’d from the court; that court where I came to thee was none of thine; it belongs to a king that keeps open court; one that never wrong’d a beggar, never took way any man’s wife unless he sent his pursuant death for her.  Oh, thou daring sacrilegious royal thief!  Wilt thou rob the church too as thou has me, thrust me out of that house too in the sanctuary; turn’d devil in a crowd of angels.


Why didst not kill her?

I had no power to kill her;
Charms of divinity pull’d back mine arm.
She had armour of proof on, reverence of the place,
She is not married, is she?  Shorten my pains.

Heaven came itself down and forbade the banns.

Enter IAGO.

You must both to th’king.

Must!  We are for him.

Now do I look for a fig.

Chew none, fear nothing.                                                                [Exeunt.

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