Match Me in London – Dramatis Personæ

DON JOHN, Prince of Spain and brother to the King.
DON VALASCO, Father to the Queen.
LUKE GAZETTO, Lover of Tormiella.
ANDRADA MALEVENTO, Father to Tormiella.
CORDOLENTE, Husband of Tormiella.
IAGO,                                             Courtiers.
BILBO CAVEARE, servant to Malevento, and after journeyman to Cordolente.
PACHECO, page to Prince John.
LAZARILLO, apprentice to Cordolente.


A Coxcomb, two Friars, Gallants, Officers, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court.


To the Noble Lover,

(and deservedly beloved) of the Muses,


Esquire, Gentleman of the Bowes, and Groom

Of the King and Queen’s Privy-Chamber.


That I am thus bold to sing a dramatic note in your ear, is no wonder, in regard you are a chorister in the choir of the Muses.  Nor is it any over-daring in my to put a play-book into your hands, being a courtier.  Roman poets did so to their emperors; the Spanish, now, to their grandee’s, the Italians to their Illustrissimoes, and our own nation to the great ones.

I have been a priest in Apollo’s temple many years.  My voice is decaying with my age, yet yours being clear and above mine, shall much honour me if you but listen to my old tunes.  Are they set ill?  Pardon them.  Well?  Then receive them.

Glad will you make me, if  by your means, the King of Spain speaks out language in the court of England; yet have you wrought as great a wonder; for the nine sacred sisters, by you, are there become courtiers and talk with sweet tongue, instructed by your Delian eloquence.  You ahve a king to your master, a queen to your mistress and the Muses your playfellows.  I to them a servant.  And yet, what duty soever I owe them, some part will I borrow to wait upon you, and to rest

So devoted,
Tho. Dekker.

Proceed to the first scene.

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