Charlemagne – Dramatis Personæ

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CHARLEMAGNE, the Emperor.
ORLANDO, Earl of Angers, nephew to Charlemagne.
GANELON, Constable of France.
LA BUSSE, son to Ganelon.
RICHARD, friend to Ganelon.
REINALDO, brother to Richard.
DIDIER, a courtier, follower of Ganelon.
LA FUE, a clown, servant to Ganelon.
OLIVER, friend to Orlando.
EUDON, a courtier.

THEODORA, wife of Charlemagne and sister to Ganelon.
GABRIELLA, sister to Ganelon.
ELDEGRAD, mother to Ganelon.
BERTHA, daughter to Eudon.

Attendants, Soldiers, Guard.

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