The Weakest Goeth to the Wall – Scene 14

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Enter VILLIERS the merchant, with ORIANA and DIANA.

How shall we, gentle sir, requite the grace
Which in so great necessity we find
At your kind hands, but with our daily prayers,
Implore the heavens for your prosperity?

Which we will never cease to do, so long
As life remains in our distressed bodies.

These words are needless.  What I do to you,
The duty of a Christian binds me to.
Remember then the promise you have made,
that if your husband live not, whom yourselves
Do verily imagine to be dead,
That then you are my wife.

That promise I will keep
Unfeignedly, with hearty thanks to heaven,
That if my husband do not breathe this life,
My misery yet sorts me at the last
A second choice, so loving and so kind.

And I right willingly shall call him father,
That in such virtuous sort respects our need
Without impeachment of our honest fame,
Debarring wicked lust to blot the same.

When I do otherwise than as beseems
The reputations both of yourselves and me,
Convert your love to me to deadly hate,
And may all tongues dondemn me with reproof.
Come in, then.  Take possession fo your own;
My lands, my house, my goods, and all is yours;
Only my sister’s portion, which I have,
Upon out troth-plight vow of marriage,
If so your husband live not, set apart
And ordered in a readiness for her.
Come. lovely mother and thy virtuous child.
Whenangry storms are past, the heavens do smile.                   [Exeunt.

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