The Weakest Goeth to the Wall – Scene 9

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If you be able to endure the way
Till we have passed Brabant, we will on;
But, madam, if you hardly brook your travel,
We’ll take the right-hand way into the forest,
Where we shall shroud us secretly till night.

Let us not stay near to my father’s court.
Not for a world I would not hazard thee;
No world could save if taken thou shouldst be.
Methinks ’tis long before the sun arise.

Ah, it is long, Odillia, of thine eyes,
Who, slumb’ring still, imagines it is night,
And that the shining is his sister’s light.

No, ’tis the moon, sweet Ferdinand, I see,
Keeps back her brother still to look on thee.

I marvel not, poor light, if she decline,
When my Ordilla doth so early shine.

Come, come, sweet love.  Oh, I am full of fear.
Be I the moon; thine arm must be my sphere.

Oh, were I heaven, thou ever shouldst shine there.                     [Exeunt.

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