The Weakest Goeth to the Wall – Scene 10

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Oh, misery, why didst thou bait my fall
With these descending shadows o fmy good?

My lord, ne’er stand upon these vain exclaims,
But by pursuit, seek to redress your wrongs.
‘Tis speedy expedition must recover
What light belief and oversight hath lost.

Horses, I say!  Let horses be sent forth!
No Christian prince that treads on Europe’s mold,
I think, that will so far engage his honor
As entertain this damned fugitive.
Horses, I say!  Spur, spur through every coast!
Put on the wings of speedy expedition
In the pursuit of my Ordillia.
Deafen the very air with your exclaims,
And fill each province with the ceaseless bruit.
Ring out this famous wrong in your pursuit.

Come, come, my lord.  Incessant speed must post.
Words cannot get what you have vainly lost.                                 [Exeunt.

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