The Weakest Goeth to the Wall – Scene 3

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Enter DUKE MERCURY with Soldiers, drum and ensign.

A plague upon you!  Was the palace watch’d,
That he and his have all escaped thus?
O, I could tear my very heartstrings out,
I am so stung with this indignity.
Will no man bring me word that he is taken?
Night wert thou any thing but what thou art,
A think dark shadow, that art only seen,
I would not live, till thou wert banished.
But let him go, and now shall Anjou shine
More brighter than the burning lamp of heaven,
Where in the height of the celstial signs,
In all his pomp he sails along the skies.
Now France shall shake with terror of my name.
Only my word shall be a parliament,
Enacting statutes as shall bind the world,
Where majesty shall plead prerogative,
In mighty volumes writing with his hand\
The uncontroll’d decrees of sovereignty.
Lod’wick expulsed, and King Francis gone,
Yet once is Anjou King of France alone.

Enter Messenger.

My lord.

Is Lod’wick taken?  Ransom him to me,
And take my dukedom, whatso’er thou be.

I am a messenger of other news.

O, but salute mine ears with that sweet sound
And in that music be all accents drown’d.

My lord, to arms, to arms!  My lord of Anjou,
The power of Spain hath past the Pryan hills
And are already entered into France
Under Hernando, the great Duke of Medena.
The frontiers lie all blazed with rude war;
The fields are cover’d with uncivil arms
Of sunburnt Moors, and tawny Africans
Which they have brought; they scorn to bear their spoils.
Their neighing jennets, armed to the field,
Do yerk and fling and beat the sullen ground,
And uncontroll’d, come loose abroad in France.
Navarre is sack’d, and like a mighty flood,
The haughty Spaniard overturneth all.
Gather your power, make head against the foe.
The devil drives; ‘tis full time to go.

The devil burst those bawling chops of thine!
Spain and the plague and hell and all together!
If the full turn of vengeance be abroach,
Fill out and swill until you burst again!
Come, dog!  Come, devil!  He that scapes best,
Let him take all, and split and roar and choke!
Hook swords and caps, if hell will ha’t thus do!
Let him lives long’st wipe the reckoning out!
Sound drum, away!  Before out glory die,
Some shall be low, that now do look full high!                             [Exeunt.

Procced to the next scene


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