The Weakest Goeth to the Wall – Prologue

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A Dumb Show

After an alarum, enter one way the DUKE OF BURGUNDY; another way the DUKE OF ANJOU with his power; they encounter, BURGUNDY is slain.  Then enter the DUCHESS OF BURGUNDY with young FREDERICK in her hand, who being pursued of the French, leaps into a river, leaving the child upon the bank, who is presently found by the DUKE OF BRABANT, when it was too late.


The Duke of Anjou, fatally inclin’d
Against the family of Bullen, leads
A mighty army into Burgundy,
Where Philip, younger brother of that house,
Was duke; whose power unequal wit his foes,
Receiv’d the foil, and being slain himself,
The soldiers afterward pursue his wife.
She, flying from the city, took with her,
Her pretty nephew, Lodowick’s tender son,
Brought up and foster’d by his uncle Philip,
And in her flight to ‘scape the bloody hands
Of those that follow’d, leaps into a river,
And there untimely perish’d in the flood.
The little Frederick, left upon the shore,
The tardy Duke of Brabant all too late
That came with succour to relieve his friend,
Espies, and ignorant of whence he was,
Maintains and keeps him, till he came of age.
Of him, his fortune, and his father’s woes,
The Scene ensuing further shall disclose.                                      [Exit.

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