The Virgin Martyr – Dramatis Personæ

DIOCLESIAN,               Emperors
MAXIMUS,                    of Rome.
A King of Pontus.
A King of Epire.
A King of Macedon.
SAPRITIUS, Governor of Cæseria.
THEOPHILUS, a zealous persecutor of the Christians.
SEMPRONIUS, Captain of Sapritius Guards.
ANTONINUS, son to Sparitius.
MACRINUS, friend to Antoninus.
HARPAX, an evil spirit, following Theophilus in the shape of a Secretary.

ARTEMIA, daughter to Dioclesian.
CALISTE,                    Daughters
CHRISTETA,             to Theophilus.
DOROTHEA, the Virgin Martyr.
ANGELO, a good spirit, serving Dorothea in the habits of a Page.
A British Slave.
HIRCIUS,   a Whoremonger,       Servants to
SPUNGIUS,  a Drunkard,             Dorothea.
A Priest to Jupiter.
Officers and Executioners.
DOCTORS GETA and JULIANUS, Servants to Theophilus.


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