Patient Grissel – Dramatis Personæ

GWALTER, Marquess of Salucia.
MARQUIS OF PAVIA, his brother.
LEPIDO, Courtiers.
URCENZE, Suitors to Julia.
EMULO, a foolish gallant visiting Italy.
FURIO, a gentleman attending on Gwalter.
SIR OWEN AP MEREDITH, a Welsh knight.
JANICOLA, a basket-maker, father to Grissil.
LAURIO, a poor scholar, his son.
BABULO, a clown, servant to Janicola.
RICE, servant to Sir Owen.
BOY, servant to Babulo at court.
GWALTER, son to Gwalter and Grissil.

GRISSIL, daughter to Janicola.
JULIA, sister to Gwalter.
GWENTHYAN, a Welsh widow, cousin to Gwalter by her first husband.
GRATIANA, daughter to Gwalter and Grissil.

Huntsmen, ladies and gentlemen of the court.

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