The Shoemaker’s Holiday – Act 2, Scene 1

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Hallooing within.  Enter WARNER and HAMMON like hunters.

Cousin, beat every brake, the game’s not far:
This way with winged feet he fled from death,
Whilst the pursuing hounds, scenting his steps,
Find out his highway to destruction;
Besides, the miller’s boy told me even now
He saw him take soil, and he hallooed him,
Affirming him so embossed
That long he could not hold.

If it be so,
‘Tis best we trace these meadows by Old Ford.

A noise of hunters within.  Enter a Boy.

How now, boy, where’s the deer?  Speak, saw’st thou him?

O yea, I saw him leap through a hedge, and then over a ditch, then at my Lord Mayor’s pale:  over he skipped me, and in he went me, and halloo the hunters cried, and there boy, there boy!  But there his is, ‘a mine honesty.

Boy, God a mercy; cousin, let’s away:
I hope we shall find better sport today.                                  [Exeunt.

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